Jyotish Astrology - Chandresh Sharma is a famous Jyotish Astrologer

 Chandresh Sharma is a known vedic astrologer with over 10 years of experience in the field of Astrology. His clientele satisfaction index is from India and other parts of the world. His technique of predictive astrology involves the careful analysis of the birth chart, the year chart (annual horoscope) to accurate forecasts, which helps the people in taking appropriate decisions in life, career, match making and times of crisis. 


Jyotish versha is our sincere efforts to guide in best possible manner to the people. Most of the time we feel struck in decision making and small issues looks big to handle but proper guidance and counselling can fill the one with hope and can change the mind set. We sincerely try to do the same those who approach us.


Marriage:- Late marriage is the common phenomena these days and one must understand there is a very thin line between late marriage and no marriage. Why this is common problem these days. In our modern society education changed the mind set. Present era belongs to educated people that give power to argue / logic and rea;pikkson to them and in such cases over confidence, undue desires plays the vital role for the delay in marriage and followed by the problems in married life.

The astrologer can play a remarkable role in such situations to guide the native about what kind of promise the chart carries what one can get since we strongly believe that such timely guidance will definitely help to the native to know about him / her which will help them to take the right decisions.

Problems in married life:- Marriage is the necessary event of ones life and if marriage is not successful life became hazard of the husband and wife and for both the families too. Now a days in the modern society we have seen commonly the ancient "Gandharva Vivah" which is known these days as "Love marriage" since this is the marriage which is neither depend on kundli neither matching nor seeking any Mahurta. This emotional attachment sometimes spoils the life of both and in such situation Astrology can be a great help to solve such situations by proper counselling to both by telling them their strength and weaknesses to make them feel confident and compatible.

Love and Relationship:- Every one is curious to know the future for you in this relationship. Some time it help both side for betterment of their life.

Compatibility Analysis:- Compatibility between two individuals is most important for mutual harmony and happiness. The compatibility analysis is for marriage, business partners should be seen for the long lasting association.

Profession:- Profession is another big challenge to be handled by the astrologers that all parents wish to see their child as doctor / engineer / lawyer etc and parents never take astrological consultancy. Here we would like to say that people put unnecessary pressure on the child to achieve the goal even against the wish of the child. The purpose is to guide the parents about the possibilities which can be explored from the child. As we experienced the dasha of malefic planate during study period Children's is the matter of great concern but can be taken care by seeking of proper astrological guidance and by doing the remedial measures it will also help child in study / profession & other areas of life.

Child birth:- Child Birth is another major issue in the educated modern society. These days the professional mothers don't wish to have child when they are climbing the steps of success of their career and later in the absence of supporting dasha and transit (Gochar) they are visiting doctors but it is too late then. Here the Astro guidance is required only astrologer can guide them that if one is serious to have a child without effecting the growth of their career.

Year Ahead:- Birth chart as well as annual chart and the transit should be seen combined to analyse the year ahead. It help as a guide to the native as regard heath / carrier prospects and what to do what not to do.


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